Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fudge Flies

Our next food item is quite delicious, but unfortunately Ron uses it to further upset a very overwhelmed Hermione:

"'If Scabbers hadn't just been eaten, he could have had some of those Fudge Flies. He used to really like them'" (Prisoner of Azkaban 265).

These are not simply chocolate molded into fly-shapes, these are fudge flies. So we'll need to find a way to mold fudge. Let's start with a recipe. I found a simple one at Emma Eats

You Will Need:
1.5 cups chocolate for melting (preferably dark), plus a little extra
1 cup sweetened evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla
a Fly mold (or something similar... mine are bees)

1. Place your chocolate in a microwave-safe-something, and melt in the microwave. Be careful you don't burn it!
2. Paint a thin layer of chocolate into the molds. This is so the fudge will retain the fly shape and actually come out of the molds successfully. Let the chocolate set.

3. Mix the vanilla and sweetened evaporated milk into the melted chocolate. Mix well.

4. Fill the fly molds with the fudge batter (using a teaspoon to drizzle it in works well). Let the flies set. 

*You will have way too much fudge batter. Pour the rest into a pan lined with parchment paper to create traditional fudge.
5. Once the flies have set, place the mold in the freezer for a few minutes, then pop them out and enjoy!

No wonder Scabbers liked Fudge Flies! These are fantastic! And they're super easy. I highly recommend you give them a try! 

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