Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Currant Rum

Somehow it does not surprise me that our moody, green pinstripe-wearing Minister of Magic is not a teetotaler:

"'So you'll be the red currant rum, Minister'" (Prisoner of Azkaban 202).

If you would like to make some currant-infused rum, I definitely recommend it. There's an excellent recipe at La Petite Gourmande. That recipe, however, takes several months to make. So today we'll make a quick and dirty version!

You Will Need:
Red currants (everyone promises me that red currants are just smaller versions of raisins, so that's what I'll use)

1. Pour the amount of rum you require into an appropriately-sized receptacle.
2. Drop in your currants/raisins. I used a small handful (maybe 6 or 7?) for 1 shot.

3. Let the rum and currants "steep" for several hours. The longer it sits, the more currant-y the flavor will be. 

4. Your currants/raisins will probably have soaked up a lot of the rum and look rather swollen. Use a spoon (or whatever) to press out the excess rum and remove the fruits. 
5. Pour your rum into a shot glass if you'll be enjoying it neat, or add it to your favorite cocktail (which is what I would recommend, because let's be honest, this is still just straight rum with a drop of grape juice in it!). 
6. Enjoy!

It's true, we did successfully infuse rum with raisins. But I really do recommend making some the old fashioned way, like in the recipe recommended above, because I bet it's delicious! Bottom's up!


  1. Hi, Your blog is wonderful!
    I must say that currants ar NOT raisins! Rainsins are dried grapes:
    And here are currants:
    Here in Poland lot of people use currants for making juice, you can buy blackcurrant juice in every shop.
    I would suggest to mix currant juice with rum (just a bit, the juice has very dark red colour and has intense taste) - it may be as tasty as well as Your version :)

    1. Hi Fiona!
      I'm glad you like the blog! And I completely agree with you on the currants versus raisins issue. Unfortunately, it's strangely difficult to find currants in stores in America, and a lot of people use raisins as a substitute, even though they taste super different.
      Thanks for reading!