Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cream Cakes

Today we make another delightful delicacy perfect for pairing with a cup of tea, provided by the ever-obliging House Elves of Hogwarts:

"Hermione refused, with a pained look at the way the elves kept bowing and curtsying, but Harry and Ron loaded their pockets with cream cakes and pies"
(Goblet of Fire 382).

When searching for recipes for "cream cakes," I found a lot of pound cakes with whipped cream. I also found a lot of recipes similar to the "Bun" recipe we prepared for our very first food item. I settled on a cake similar to those sent to Harry four his "four birthday cakes." I don't have the equipment to make small "cakes," as the text suggests, so I made one great big Cream Cake with Strawberries. Unfortunately... I made this cake months ago... and no longer know where I found the recipe... which means I don't know exactly how I made it...

I fail.

But here are some pictures of a very tasty Cream Cake with Strawberries. I'm sure if you do a bit of searching, you will easily find a similar recipe :)


  1. Hi there, is there a way to get in touch with you to potentially feature some of your recipes on a website?

    1. Wow! I'm really flattered, but there are very few recipes on here that I completely created myself, though I do tweak a lot of them for vegetarians. If there are recipes that interest you specifically, I'd recommend checking whatever source I've cited (though if I haven't cited a recipe, then I made it up) and trying to get in contact with that person. Thanks so much for the compliment, glad to know you're reading!

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