Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yes, it's true, we have already encountered the first mention of butterbeer in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but the first mention of bottled (and therefore, we can assume, cold) butterbeer occurs after one of Harry's many anti-dementor lessons:

"'Here-- you've earned a drink-- something from the Three Broomsticks. You won't have tried it before-' He [Lupin] pulled two bottles out of his briefcase. 'Butterbeer!' said Harry, without thinking. 'Yeah, I like that stuff!'" (Prisoner of Azkaban 246).

And how could he not like it? Anyone who has had the joy of visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has surely tasted their delightful rendition of butterbeer. In case you aren't able to just pop down to Orlando, Florida for a butterbeer (holy moly, I miss being able to do that!), there are dozens of recipes floating around the Internet that you can try. Quite awhile ago, I created my own very simple version, which is what we'll use today. It's very sweet, but then again, so is every other recipe for butterbeer I've tried!

You Will Need:
1 bottle caramel-colored cream soda (you'd be surprised how many brands are clear! Try Virgil's or IBC)
Butterscotch schnapps (or butterscotch flavor syrup, if underage wizards will be partaking!)
whipped cream
butterscotch ice cream topping

1. Pour a small amount of your schnapps/syrup into a tall glass or stein (not more than 1/2" or you'll be dying from the sweetness!)
2. In a separate small cup or bowl, add some whipped cream (a few dollops or so). Add a nice squeeze of butterscotch topping, and whisk together well.

3. Pour your cream soda over the schnapps/syrup, leaving at least 3/4" left at the top of the glass.

4. Float the butterscotched whipped cream on top of the cream soda, et voila! Butterbeer!

*Do NOT stir, or else the butterbeer will foam up everywhere!

In my opinion, this tastes almost exactly like the butterbeer served at Universal Orlando (with the added bonus of being alcoholic!). Super easy! Super tasty! But be careful, drink too much and you'll end up like Winky in Goblet of Fire-- sloshing butterbeer down your front while you fall asleep hiccuping on the kitchen floor!

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